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Spring has come to this front suburban garden.

A nice shady spot to relax in this suburban back yard.

A welcoming front yard in a suburban Silver Spring garden.

This suburban garden was a barren hillside with only a front wall and stairs when we started the project.

We used evergreen Arborvitae to create screening and windbreak for this western exposure.

We added 2 more horizontal walls to create terraces on the massive hillside.

First terrace consists of Arborvitae, Boxwood, Sunny Knock Out Roses and annuals in the "cut out" bed.

Second terrace is a formal parterre for seasonal annuals bordered in English boxwood.

On the third terrace, "flagstone" slabs create a less formal walkway through the perennial beds.

On the third terrace, Silky Lilac trees line the top wall for privacy and windbreak.

We used sun loving perennials in the blue/purple/pink color palette.

Evergreen creeping Junipers will grow and cascade over the walls to soften the hardscape.

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